1. All vehicles must have a clear title before the vehicle can be donated.

2. Fill out the Donor Information sheet on line.

3. Sign your name on the back of the title in the "Seller" space, the same as it is in the front.  The "Buyer" is Cars for Charity. We will complete the remaining blanks.

4. Mail or deliver the signed Title and the Donor Information Sheet to:

Cars for Charity
3478 Running Deer Dr.
Castle Rock, CO 80109

Or submit the Donor Information sheet on-line, wait to get a confirmation#.
The signed title and keys will be picked up with the vehicle.
Or fax donor information sheet to 303-980-6984.
We will NOT pick up a vehicle without a signed title.

6.Our Dispatch Unit will call you, after we receive the paperwork, to confirm the vehicle is ready for pick up. The tow truck driver will leave you a receipt. Cars for Charity will mail you a statement if the vehicle sells for over $500.

7. Please remove all personal items & take off the license plates.

8.  If it has been inclement weather the vehicle must have snow removed from  in front & back of the vehicle.

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