1.What kind of tax benefit will I receive? If the claimed value of the donated vehicle is more than $500, the donor can only claim the amount the vehicle was sold for at auction. A statement will be mailed to the donor with the amount the vehicle sold for at auction. If the donor claims $500 or less, a statement from the Charity is not needed.

2. My car doesn’t run, can I still donate it? We accept all cars running or not.

3. Do I have to pay for towing? No

4. How long will it take to pick up my car? After we receive your signed title and Donor Information sheet our Dispatch staff will call you to verify the pick up information. The car is usually picked up within 4 days of this call.

5. How do I donate? Submit on line the Donor Information sheet. The signed title and keys will be picked up with the vehicle.
We will not pick up a vehicle without a signed title.
Or Print out the donor information. Complete the forms and mail or deliver the forms and the signed title to: Cars for Charity, 3478 Running Deer Dr, Castle Rock, CO 80109

6. What happens to my car? The majority of the cars are auctioned; some of the older models go to a recycler.

7. Can I choose the non-profit? Yes, please see the list of nonprofit organizations.

8. How much of the money goes to the non-profit? 100% of the net proceeds goes to the non-profit organization that you have chosen. Cars for Charity does not take a percentage.

9. Can I donate a vehicle outside of Colorado? No we only process vehicles in Colorado.